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TV Show To Profile Job Seekers With Disabilities

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A new television series chronicling the experiences of people with autism and other special needs as they search for meaningful employment is set to debut.

The eight-episode docuseries “The Employables” on A&E Network will feature two individuals with autism, Tourette Syndrome or other conditions in each episode.

The “neuro-diverse” job seekers profiled are working with a specialist to identify their talents and show employers what they can offer. The hour-long episodes follow them as they embark on interviews or tryouts with potential employers in their quest to “find the perfect line of work.”

In addition to featuring the job seekers themselves, “The Employables” will also shed light on how family and friends support the individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals, A&E said.

“We are honored that A&E continues to be a home to stories that celebrate diversity and give a voice to those fearlessly pursuing their dreams,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, executive vice president and head of programming at A&E Network. “Like our Emmy-winning series ‘Born This Way,’ ‘The Employables’ is an important example of how embracing our differences can bring about positive and necessary change both in the workplace and in the lives of so many people.”

“The Employables” will premiere on A&E Network at 10 p.m. ET on May 8.

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