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FreeneyRCS helps people of different ages and races



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Who We Help

Work Incentives and Planning Assistance


Many people with disabilities fear that if they go to work they will lose their benefits.  CIL’s Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Coordinator can show you how you can work, increase your income, and remain eligible for programs like Medi-Cal and Medicare. Click here for more information on WIPA.


Retention Support


Once you find a job, Freeney RCS will be available to support you. We can help you through any challenges that might arise.  Sometimes people need to feel secure in their lives before they can look for a job.  Freeney RCS offers life skills training to help people learn new skills and problem-solve.  Some examples are learning how to manage money, maintain housing, and staying safe. 


Situational Assessments


If you aren’t sure what career skills you may have, FreeneyRCS can offer an assessment.


We help Veterans with all types of mental and physical disabilities find the opportunities they so deserve.


We help people with mental disabilities who want to start a productive life. We will be there to lean on and help you find a position that will not be stressful.


Freeneys RCS helps those with physical disabilities in many ways. 

We have the connections and know where to look for a job that will fit your lifestyle.


Even though these jobs may be difficult to find we can help you find your way through, what can be confusing , information. If there are jobs in your area we will find them for you.


There are organizations willing to work with the hearing impaired and we will help you find a great position in your area.

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CALL US: 214-683-7230 

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