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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Policy

FreeneyRCS, LLC 


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

(HIPAA) Privacy Policy



FreeneyRCS, LLC shall maintain the privacy and confidentiality of its clients. This company realizes that its clients have the right to expect that their protected personal and health information remains private and limited to those with the need to know. All clients’ information shall remain private whether spoken aloud, written or saved on a computer.  FreeneyRCS, LLC shall comply with the federal mandated law of HIPAA.



  1. This policy applies to all organization’s employees, management, contractors, and volunteers.

  2. This policy describes the organization’s objectives and policies regarding maintaining the privacy of patient information.



The HIPAA privacy rule covers any information that can identify an individual or that can be used to identify an individual.The policy covers any information that is transmitted in any form: electronic, paper, or oral representation.Health information may be considered individually identifiable if any one of the following are present.

  1. Name

  2. Address including street, city, county, zip code and equivalent geocodes

  3. Names of relatives

  4. Name of employers

  5. Birthdate

  6. Telephone numbers

  7. Fax numbers

  8. Electronic email addresses

  9. Social Security Number

  10. Medical record numbers

  11. Health plan beneficiary number

  12. Account numbers

  13. Certificate/license number

  14. Vehicle or other device serial numbers

  15. Web Universal Resource Locator (URL) and/or Internet Protocol (IP) address number

  16. Finger or Voice Prints

  17. Photographic images and any other identifying number, characteristic code



  1. Executives/Management

The HIPAA Privacy Policy is developed by the executive director of FreeneyRCS, LLC as a need to know philosophy. Due to the nature of our business, from time to time we will come in contact with confidential information. Each employee and/or volunteer of FreeneyRCS, LLC is responsible for adhering to the “Need to Know” policy by using only the minimum information necessary to perform his/her responsibilities, regardless of the extent of access provided or available. The executive director and/or authorized personnel has the following rights:

  1. Right to access/copy protected personal and health information

  2. Right to amend personal information with permission of client

  3. Right to restrict use/disclosure

  4. Right to confidential communications

  5. Right to an accounting of disclosures

The Executive director shall ensure retention of HIPAA policies and procedures, complaints, and

investigative materials to meet compliance requirements.


  1. Employee responsibilities

  1. Understand and comply with organization’s policies regarding patient confidentiality and privacy

  2. All employees of FreeneyRCS, LLC shall not discuss any client related information in public areas or shall make sure when discussing client information care should be taken not to be overheard by persons not involved in the direct relationship to client.

  3. All client identifiable documents (not needed) shall be placed in designated shred containers.

  4. If an employee suspect a violation of this disposal policy, notify personnel in charge.



    1. All client records shall be maintained both by paper and computer. Records that are maintained in the computer are encrypted and only authorized personnel are allowed to access for informational purposes only.

    2. Upon dismissal of client records are maintained for 5 years on an encrypted disk and secured in a locked file.

    3. All client information recorded on paper shall be kept for 5 years in a locked file and shredded at the end of said date



  1. All clients shall sign and complete a “Release of Information” form. Designating who can receive information when requested.



  1. All employees and officers of FreeneyRCS, LLC shall receive training on our HIPPA policies and procedures within the first 30 days of employment

  2. All employees and officers shall receive recurrent training on our HIPAA policies and procedures annually and receive any updates available.



  1. Any employee who violates FreeneyRCS, LLC HIPAA policy and procedures after having proper training shall be terminated immediately.










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