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Improve Your Skills

Work Experience Service

Work Experience services allow a customer to be placed at a business or at agencies within the community to complete short-term (12 weeks or fewer) experience and gain skills that are transferable to future long-term competitive integrated employment. If it is necessary for a customer to participate in Work Experience for longer than 12 weeks to meet the customer's needs, manager approval is required.


Work Experience may assist in:

  • determining if a customer is ready for competitive, integrated employment;

  • exploring career options for an individual; and/or

  • developing skills to include in an individual's résumé for a certain vocation.


Work Experience services provide an opportunity for customers to:

  • learn and experience work culture;

  • identify career interests;

  • explore potential career goals;

  • identify on-the-job support needs;

  • develop employability skills and good work habits;

  • gain an understanding of employer expectations;

  • build self-confidence;

  • develop soft and hard skills;

  • gain work experience and competencies in a vocation; and

  • develop an understanding of the workplace and the connection between learning and earning.

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