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Attend a Virtual Career Fair and Discover Additional Resources

Career fairs are an excellent way to start or advance your job search. Virtual job fairs let you engage with potential employers and learn about job openings from the comfort of your own home. This month we’re also exploring some online tools you can use to advance your job search.

If you're aware of an upcoming job fair that our readers would find helpful, email us at with the event name, dates and official website.


AbilityJobs offers specific online resources for job seekers with disabilities. Accessibility features offer you the opportunity to connect with employers using an American Sign Language Interpreter, screen reader or other technologies. This job fair website also offers online face-to-face interviews with recruiters. Learn more about their job fairs and how to attend.

  • July 23: Live Online Career Fair

CareerEco Virtual Career Fairs

Many organizations list their events on CareerEco. Check out their full calendar for a list of their virtual events.

  • July 8: USO of North Carolina Virtual Transition Expo

  • July 9: CAREERS & the disABLED Virtual Career Fair

  • July 10: MBA 2020 Career Fair

  • July 30: Georgia Piedmont 2020 Regional + Virtual Job Fair

Equal Opportunity Publications

Equal Opportunity Publications (EOP) offers a variety of diversity recruitment resources, including national online career magazines, virtual job boards, and career fairs for minority groups and people with disabilities. Check out EOP's career expos page for a list of events.

  • July 9: Career Expo Virtual Career Fair


RecruitMilitary seeks to tap into the extensive talent pool that veterans represent for employers. For a listing of all RecruitMilitary virtual events, visit their calendar.

  • July 14: Central Region Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

  • July 16: Fort Hood Area Military Virtual Career Fair

  • July 21: Joint Base Lewis McChord Area Military Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

Finding a Job

The resources on the Ticket to Work Find a Job page may also help you as you start or continue your job search. For more comprehensive support, we recommend using the Find Help tool to find a service provider who can offer personalized assistance for you. The Find a Job web

page includes a chart that you can use to compare the features that the various organizations provide, such as job boards, resume services and social networking opportunities. Some of the organizations also offer an employer directory and access to recruiters.

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