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The supported employment specialist:

  • identifies and develops the best possible job match and provides short-term supports to address the customer's barriers to employment;

  • arranges for paid supports from resources other than VRS and natural supports, such as peers or and co-workers, to meet the customer's long-term needs;

  • ensures the job skills trainer provides adequate and regular support to the customer; and

  • works in coordination with the VR counselor throughout the Supported Employment process to ensure the best possible employment outcome.

Job Placement Specialists

The job placement specialist provides initial instruction, assistance to learn skills, monitoring to ensure the consumer is demonstrating the skills, and any resources and tools necessary to assist or train the consumer in the completion of the following:

  • Pre-employment Needs:

    • Employment Data Sheet* and/or Résumé*

    • Cover letter and Thank you letter*

    • Professional References*

  • Job Searching*

  • Job Application Completion*

  • Interview Training*

  • Worksite Accommodations*

  • Pre-Employment Testing*

  • Salary Negotiation* and/or Position Negotiation*

  • Preparing for the first day on the job*

The job skill trainer (job coach):

  • use structured intervention techniques implementing the most effective, but least intrusive methods possible to help the consumer learn the essential soft and hard skills of the job and/or the skills necessary to arrange and use transportation to get to and from the worksite;

  • work with the consumer, employer, and VRS staff members to establish support services, accommodations, compensatory techniques, and training necessary to remove barriers to ensure successful employment for the consumer;

  • observe the consumer to identify and solve potential problems related to the consumer's employment success before the problem becomes an issue for the consumer, employer, or co-workers;

  • monitor the consumer's performance to ensure improvement in the consumer's performance; and

  • gradually reduce the time spent with the consumer at the job site, as the consumer becomes better adjusted and more independent.

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