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FreeneyRCS and REDI

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Freeney Rehabilitative Career Services is an Employment Service Provider in Texas and collaborates with the local Walgreens REDI (Retail Employees with Disability Initiative) training program.


REDI - Retail Employees with Disability Initiative


What is REDI?

REDI is a program that creates partnerships between stores and local disability resources to provide job skills training for people with disabilities. REDI is a training program, not a placement program. The purpose of REDI is to educate externs with the skills and competencies required to be successful in our retail environment. Participation in the REDI Program serves as a great opportunity to increase the skills of people with disabilities so they can join the pool of qualified and diverse talent we consider when we have openings. In cases where we do not have openings in the local area, our hope is that REDI graduates will find employment with a neighboring business. It's important to know that while REDI provides training, it is not a guarantee of employment.

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