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Freeney RCS


Freeney Rehabilitative Career Services saves organizations time and money by connecting you with the qualified, skilled, and trained employees you need. 

  • To afford each client the opportunity to lead a fulfilled life within their communities


  • To ensure success by offering personal and social adjustment skills training


  • To provide quality vocational services to all clients we help you to streamline your hiring process.

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Mission Statement for Freeney RCS Employment Assistance


Gloria Freeney - Founder & CEO of Freeney RCS

Mrs. Freeney holds an Associate of Science (Psychology 2006), a Bachelor (Business Administration 2017), and an MBA (Business Administration) from Ashworth University.  She is a member of the National Employment Network Association (NENA), Texas APSE Employment First, Unlocking Doors, and Dallas Mayor’s Committee (Friends of the Committee).  She has received certifications in the Job Directors Course, Job Coaching Course, Job Skills Trainers course, Job Placement Specialist Course, Supported Employment Specialist Course and Pre ETS (Pre Employment Transition Services).

Mrs. Freeney was employed by Garland Independent School District (GISD), where she worked as a teacher in the Special Education Department for Behavioral Adjustment of high school students.  Her expertise and specialty allowed her to serve students diagnosed with learning and behavioral challenges such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar disabilities.

In order to broaden her reach and extend her services to others, including high school students, she founded and established Freeney Rehabilitative Career Services as a resource that would serve Transition Students (high school students) and adults challenged with learning and behavioral issues that posed barriers to employment. 

After nearly eight years with GISD, in 2008, she began operating as a Community Rehabilitation Provider, offering services to individuals with disabilities that level the playing ground, remove barriers, and open access to competitive employment.


As of 2009, Freeney Rehabilitative Career Services became an approved Employment Network with Social Security's Ticket To Work program. This program is designed to help persons who are on SSI and SSDI become financially independent, thus getting off of their benefits in the long run. This is a process, and it can take a while. It is not a quick fix. We are here to screen potential clients and guide them through this process, including helping them with the skills necessary to get a job, find and network for a job, and be successful in the long term.

Mrs. Freeney has been an active Volunteer at The Bridge ( for the Homeless Recovery Center since October 2011 to Present.


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Computer Specialist

A native of Dallas, Texas.

U.S. Navy retired veteran with 23 years of military service.

  • Plan, coordinate, and manage projects.

  • Work with stakeholders to define project scope and align business goals with technology solutions. 

  • Prepare and present status reports on project progress, timelines, resources and deliverables.

  • Plan, schedule, and execute all stages of systems implementation software/hardware upgrades.

  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on network servers, desktops/laptops computers.

  • Administer, maintain active directory (ARS) and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

  • Provide technical advice and assistance to ITS customers and perform IT training classes on newly introduced software/hardware.

  • Equipment life cycle logistics.

  • Analyze network data to determine network usage, identify, and resolve network problems.

  • Disaster recovery procedures.

  • Manage/secure data kept on laptop PCs.

  • Manage mobile devices.

  • Provision laptops and desktops PC’s.

  • Strong client-based relationships.


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