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Success Stories



After being issued a medical retirement from the U.S. Air Force, Angel was unsure of his options for employment as he focused on recovering his health from injuries and cancer. A job offer from a federal contractor and support and services from the Ticket to Work program gave him the confidence he needed to return to work.




After Brenda was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, she spent nearly a decade learning how to manage the symptoms of her mental illness. Once she found the right combination of treatments and strategies for her, Brenda felt she was ready to work. Learn how Social Security's Ticket to Work program helped her find the path to employment.

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walter-library-landing success story


Walter had wanted to work on the campus of Cornell University after first seeing it as a kid, but he was also unsure how his developmental disability would affect his employment opportunities. Find out how Walter’s Ticket to Work service provider helped him learn skills he needed to succeed.

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laura success story


After experiencing cancer as a teen and needing her leg amputated, 15-year-old Laura was unsure about how she'd succeed returning to school and pursuing her goals. Through a combination of her family, a mentor, alternative learning school, and supports from Social Security's Ticket to Work program, Laura found the resources and services she needed to succeed.

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Andraea success story

Andraéa L.

Meet Andraéa, a 30 year old woman with muscular dystrophy who serves as a role model for girls with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.

Josh S success story

Josh S.

Josh is an active young adult with a disability who has seen marked improvements in his life since he decided to participate in the Ticket to Work program.

Robert S success story

Robert S.

Robert is a Veteran who had questions about employment and disabilities. With the help of Ticket to Work, he’s now employed, financially independent and helping other Veterans.

Cherie C success story

Cherie C.

Cherie found success with her Ticket. Learn about the role of work in her mental health recovery.

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