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Partnership Plus

Freeney RCS is an Employment Network (EN) in Texas and collaborates with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency through a Partnership Plus Agreement. Freeney RCS and Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency meet quarterly to assist with beneficiary hand offs when VR cases are closed.  Employment Networks (EN) and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies share similar goals of serving Ticket Holders on their path to obtaining and sustaining employment. Rather than competing against each other, these two types of service providers can collaborate towards mutual success through Partnership Plus. Continue reading below to find out about how Partnership Plus works with State VR Agencies and ENs or visit the Benefits of Partnership Plus page to learn more about how Partnership Plus benefits not only State VR Agencies and ENs but also the Ticket Holders they serve.

Gloria Freeney - Founder & CEO of Freeney RCS
Gloria Freeney - Founder & CEO of Freeney RCS
Mission Statement for Freeney RCS Employment Assistance


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2022 - 2023 TWC & EN Information

TEXAS Areas Served

  • Collin County

  • Cook County

  • Dallas County

  • Denton County

  • Fannin County

  • Grayson County

  • Hunt County

  • Kaufman County

  • Rockwall County

  • Terrell County

  • Wise County

EN Highlights

Freeney Rehabilitative Career Services (RCS) is a people-centered organization dedicated to bridging the gap for persons with disabilities in the community and workplace. Our support comes through an array of services intended to enhance the quality of life for clients with specific needs and disabilities, letting them take advantage of the numerous opportunities they should rightfully enjoy. We provide personalized support to individuals with varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities, including those who benefit from moderate to intense support of learning skills, and those with varying degrees of visual impairment.


Freeney RCS is an approved Employment Network nationwide provider for the Social Security's Ticket to Work Program. This program is designed to help persons that are on SSI and SSDI become financially independent, thus getting off their benefits in the long run. This is a process and can take a while. It is not a quick fix. We are here to screen potential clients and guide them through this process, including helping them with the skills necessary to get a job, find and network for a job, and be successful for the long term.

Services Offered

Job Leads and Job Placement:

  • Resume Development - Mock Interview

  • Training

  • Career Counseling - Skills Assessment


Ongoing Long-Term Employment Support:

  • Monthly contact with the consumer for job updates

  • Refresher training as needed in Word,
    Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook

    Continuous access to a list of available jobs if requested.

  • Continuous resume updates as needed.

  • Job Coaching to help maintain the position or learn new job duties and responsibilities.

Benefits and Work Incentives:

  • Report checks stubs to Employment Network, local Social Security administration and Benefits WIPA Counselor monthly for payroll reporting

  • Report update change in wages

  • Understand the potential benefits of employment as a person who receives disability benefits from Social Security and dispel the myths about working

Computer Training:

  • Computer Training is available in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.


Clients Served

Freeney RCS’s expertise and specialty allowed her to serve students and adults diagnosed with learning and behavioral challenges such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, Autism, Hearing Impaired, Schizophrenia and Bipolar disabilities.

  • Job Application Training

  • Job Search Engine Training

  • Job Coaching - Receive coaching and onsite support

  • Job Counseling

  • Handling conflicts with co-workers

  • Receive supports to overcome barriers to employment

  • Salary negotiations

  • Other job concerns

  • Analyze how work and earnings may impact your Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability
    Insurance (SSDI), health care, and other public benefits.

  • Once you begin working, WIPA projects can also provide
    information and support to help you make a successfultransition to work and financial independence.

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